Petra Eiko: an observer of life and energy. Eiko’s work shows the force, power and feeling of life that rises within us. Installations, objects and paintings tell stories and make connections within the collective mind. Eiko has a special way of mirroring our surroundings using plexiglass as a media. Her organic forms: sometimes monochromatic, serve as the perfect vehicle to present the physical and the emotional, the outside and the inside. With each circle and movement she is engaging the viewer to the conditions of times, emphasizing the “return to the universal energy”. Her very unique imprint of fluidity with a rhythmic movement takes the viewer on a long, deep and profound journey with unexpected connections to the universe and the reality that surrounds us. Eiko’s focus is on reverse paintings, sculptural three-dimensional pieces and installations.

Petra is the author of an inspirational, philosophical book series “Seeds of Truth”. www.petraeiko.com. She is the founder of the-green-heart project: what is in your heart- the world is listening.

Eiko has been widely exhibited internationally, as well as locally during the last 10 years.

- Marisa Caichiolo