Eiko designed the-green-heart project to inspire, share positive ideas and widen the human circle through interactive art. The intention of this community driven project is to unite people of all walks of life with one question: what is in your heart? - the world is listening.

"the-green-heart comes from a place of connectivity, that we all share the same fundamental life goals and that the oppurtunity to share this with one another is a way of breaking the barriers that seperate us. By bringing markers and paper into our communities and schools, offering people the chance to express anonymously what is in their hearts, Eiko has been able to confirm her thesis and create a profound work of art.

The voices of the participants are individual, unique and unidentified while also recognizable to all. The messages range from funny to heartbreaking. The vast majority are handwritten, some feature illustrations, are love letters, document struggles and fears and recall memories. All are placed together on walls that contain one of Eiko's own painted green hearts. The visual effect is overwhelming, and every installation different.

In addition to web page, Facebook and YouTube sites where all commens are posted, she intents to exhibite all post in one grand installation and plans a publication to further document the project. She displayed the-green-heart in number of locations, galleries, performing art centers and high schools and has curated an exhibition of the students' work at the Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall."

- Foreground Magazine - Fall 2014 Edition - Barbara Pflaumer

the-green-heart had so far 14 successful installations throughout California and was in 21 Los Angeles High Schools.

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the-green-heart @ Pasadena Playhouse
the-green-heat Student Exhibition, Bridge Gallery, LA City Hall

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