The intent is to capture the unknown, the pulsating vivacity of humankind in the invisible universe of energy. My paintings and sculptures deal with the ever changing and the constant movement that surrounds us. The circles in each piece visualize the emotional dance around the ultimate “middle,” the point of all beginnings: the dot. The circles in their own individuality, color combination and movement emit energy that travels from the painting itself to the eye of the viewer, serving as an invitation for thought.

Plexiglas, with its ability to mirror our surroundings, serves as the perfect vehicle to visually present the physical and the emotional; the outside and inside. This becomes especially apparent in my series of hemispheres. The concave domes contained in acrylic boxes invites the viewer to experience illusion and reality.

I use poetry, art and public projects to increase the awareness of one’s own “self” and to co-create more tolerance and appreciation.

I have traveled extensively though Europe, the Americas and Asia and had the pleasure to experience many cultures. Although globalization is advertised throughout all our societies, one can observe clearly that the feeling of seclusion and separation of the single person is more on the rise than ever before. In 2010, I created the-green-heart project that asks paricipants the question: What is in your heart? – The world is listening, as a visual representation of the commonalities we share. The goal of this interactive project is to enhance hope and harmony between individuals and nations. Thousands of people have participated in this ongoing project and it has been to date in 20 Los Angeles Highschools.

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